Fairy Diary: September 2006

Saturday, September 30, 2006

I Hate My Blog

Yes i do hate it ,, do you know why ?
1- I dont like the way it looks, it has nothing to do with my taste or personality.
2- I feel that my blog looks like an old woman desserted area.
3- what makes me hate it more that im not committing to bloggin on a regular basis.
4- I cant find a particular theme for my posts or the way it looks.
5- whenever i have something nice to post i always have a difficulty to potst it, mostly it would be connection problem, then i lose my interest.
6- the problem i have in my blogs reflects the problems in my life, or let's say the things i dont like in my personality.
7- one of these problems is that it's difficult for me to say whats in my heart, i dont have trust in people, and some times i dont know how much to say, im afraid if i say much i will regret it later.
8- when i write something i have to check it over and over to detect any errors so it will lose the moments effect and will make my thoughts fly away.
9- now i know what i will do, i will write whatever comes to me with no editing, and write whatever i want without any kind of themes, and write anything stupid, after all this is the main point of my blog.
phew ,,, i think i was thinking loudly but it helped :)

Thats what i need now

In this moment i dont want anything but this ,,,,

A Nice Massage :)
I removed the picture regarding it content and i apologize for that i guess i was so tired i didnt recognize it well.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

المسافر راح

لاتلوح للمسافر ... المسافر راح
لاتنادي للمسافر ... المسافر راح
يا ضياع أصواتنا بالمدى و الريح
القطار و فاتنا ... و المسافر راح
ذبلت أنوار الشوارع و انطفى ضي الحروف
يالله ياقلبي سرينا ... ضاقت الدنيا علينا
مدري باكر هالمدينة وشتكون؟
النهار و الورد الأصفر و الغصون
هذا و جهك بالمسافر لما كانت لي عيون
وينها عيوني حبيبي ؟... سافرت مثلك حبيبي

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Usual Saturday Diary.

It’s Saturday morning, K


I force my self to wake up and head to work.


Feeling so sleepy and yawning a lot because I didn’t have my daily morning super thick and concentrated Turkish coffee, I’m fasting today.

I don’t feel talking to any one; I don’t want any one to talk to me, specially that annoying nosey Egyptian employee – no offense to any nationality -.

Time is passing so slowly, I observe the time in the right bottom corner of the pc every other minute.


My activities are:

-Trying to kill time by reading news papers: Done.

- reading blogs and trying to comment: half done, I can’t comment on most blogs.

- checking my gmail: fails, the mail is blocked.

- Signing to Google talk: fails, for the past couple of weeks the Gtalk decided not to sign me in anymore!

- Surfing the net in a desperate hope to find some unblocked sites. (Thank you IT department!)


My boss decided not to give me any face and avoid me – abrakha men sa3a - since I rejected his order to work on Thursdays! In his dreams.

The company is so quite, only few departments’ work on Saturdays. That’s why I hate it even if I have my super coffee, which by the way sucks and looks like petrol not coffee.

God help me to make the time pass through faster and easily.


PS: Trying to find the best font for this post to fit the occasion.


PSS (or is it PPS?): the blog word has a red line beneath it in the Microsoft word,

 Some other alternatives for it:










Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Who Laughs Last...

Nice video from Pixar.

This is the first time i try to post from google video, hope it works :)

Exclusive: Steve Irwin's Last moments.

Just revealed: The last moments of the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Just before he passes away.



9ba7 el men7a el amereya..

     Men ams bellail wel nas meshta6a o ydaggegoon 3ala ba3ath ,,, tara el men7a nzalat, chaykaw 7sabatkom, dgaw 3al bank – atwaqqa3 all bank lines were busy - … wel blogs el yoom men el 9b7 kelha tetkallam 3an el men7a ,, shno betsawon feha? O ba’y 7sab betkhallonha? weljarayed e3lanat kel 9oob 3an estelam el men7a… bas at least r7omona men el7amla elly kanat ma3 el men7a elly 6afat, welly kanat tshajje3 el nas 3ala el tabarro3 fehom ! remember it ?

     Wana doory fe kel halloya … motfarreja faqa6!  I know today 7saby zad 200 kd ,,, bas u know what ? 3ady … no special feelings about it … malhom 6a3am, easy come easy go  – tathamonan ma3 ray QiYaDiYa and Frankom

You know why?

     Because this 200 Kd will not make us rich … or solve our problems… the inflation is growing in Kuwait and the salaries are the same…

The real Amiri Grant (men7a) will be controlling the decreasing prices and solving all other Kuwait’s financial problems… this will be the Great Men7a.

O 3alaikom bel 3afya 200 Kd J


 PS: Kan bewedy akteb el post bel 3araby… Laken el hawa kan Theddy :/


Dawn Fairy Posting From Office


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Letter To My Soul Mete


        A soul mate is NOT a person that you can talk to about anything you want, it’s THE person who you can talk to about things you can't share with others, a person who would listen to you carefully and remembers what you said even if it's been said years ago.

When someone - any one - says to you tell me what's in your heart, speak to me like you're speaking to your self, you won't be able to do that. You know they're saying it out of curiosity; they want to know your secrets just to satisfy their needs of knowing it all.

But when your soul mate asks you that, you start talking and spilling all of your soul's secrets and your pains, even the tiny silly thoughts that you have in your mind.


Dear my soul mate,



          You are the one - the only one - who can understand me clearly and right, you want to hear it from me just to make me feel better and relief the weight I carry over my shoulder and heart.

You’re the one who have the gift of lightening my days, and appreciating me for who am I, not how I look and what I wear. I know that you would be glad and happy to solve my problems, and make them look smaller and less complicated.

 Just to let you know, I happen to be your soul mate too, and no one can understand you right but me. Yes we understand each other more than we could understand our selves, and it doesn't matter how long we don’t hear from each other, but once we're in need, we'll be there for each other.

Every time it rains I think about you, it is bad enough that we are not meant to be together, but being in my heart and knowing that you’ll think about me when you hear that song, or smile when you look at your driving license, and all that  memories we share is enough for me.


          My soul mate, I love you,  I consider you my other half, and you are closer to me than my own family and friends.

Talking to you that other day turned everything in my life from black to pink.


Your little pink katkoota :)


Saturday, September 09, 2006

حلم يوم صيف

كانت مستلقية على أرجوحتها تحت الشمس الدافئة في شرفة غرفتها، تشرب شايا مثلجا تقطر منه قطرات الندى من سخونة الجو...
ثوبها الأبيض الفضفاض يخفف عنها حرارة الشمس و يشعرها بدفء الحب، و شعرها الكستنائي يدغدها كلما هبت نسمة صيف عطرة بالزهور التي زرعتها في حديقتها الصغيرة فتغمض عينيها لتشتم رائحة الورود الجميلة المختلطة برائحة الصيف، تشعر بالاسترخاء يسري في جسمها و ينمل أطرافها بعد عناء يوم طويل.
تسمع حفيف خطواته خلفها فتدعي النوم ليأتي و يهمس باسمها فتفتح عينيها مبتسمة له، يجلس بجانبها و يشاركها الشاي.
يمسك بيديها الصغيرة لتختبئ بين يديه، تبدأ بسرد أحداث يومها و أسرار قلبها، ليستمع بهدوء و تفهم.
تهب نسمة صيف عليلة ...
تغيب الشمس...
و يطل القمر ليضيء أرجوحتهما الخالية، فيأتي طائر أبيض ليحط على مسند اليد و يغط في سبات يدوم حتى مطلع الشمس ...
فيبدأ يوم صيف جديد.

Balance Game

How long can you Balance it?!


What is worse ?


I feel bad I don’t know why? L


 I don’t wanna complain bcuz I’m better than a lot of other people who are ill or homeless,, etc…

Trying to find out what making me feel this bad?

Is it bcuz one of my family members is in hospital?

Or is it bcuz in a couple of days or maybe a week I will lose someone for about a year or so and that person has no idea what I’m feeling ?

Or is it bcuz it’s been about 4 months since I got employed in this company and I’m so bored and having no appetite to work in any way?

Yes I’m complaining about my job, bcuz I chose to work in the private sector to really work and have a lot of duties and responsibilities to handle … I’m a person who get bored easily and can be soooo lazy if I did not fill my time with obligations and activities… so the 5th month is counting now, and yet I don’t have a real work to do? As a marketing analyst, I don’t have any data to analyze! They assigned me with a tele-marketing thing… calling some customers and trying to find new opportunities… god if I wanted a job considering calling people I would mentioned it in my CV!

        I’m so bad in the phone, even with my friend I never know when to call or what to say. Add up to that I have a very very long, boring and useless working hour. Now I’m so frustrated, every morning I wake up, and have nothing good to look up forward to.

I’m thinking of changing my job, but where to go? I didn’t complete at least 1 year of experience. Even if I changed jobs, I don’t think that I will have the same advantages that I have in my work now. They are easy with me; I’m the only Kuwaiti in my team; which gives me a good opportunity to develop, and avoid a lot of problems that would be found in a normal Kuwaiti working environment. So I’m between two fires -ya3ny bain narain- : being miserable in a jobless job? Or going to a place god knows what kind of boss or staff I will be dealing with?



Dawn Fairy signing from my office.


Monday, September 04, 2006

Agra3 mogaire3....

This morning when i was in the way to work, the great marina FM put this song which made me laugh:
agra3 mogaire3 6a7 bel 6asa ... 9aya7 3ala ommah yaby gergashaa,,,
 and before that was :
9aboo7aa kha6abha na9eeb oooh kha6abha na9eeb ,, ghathbana wobohaa ghathab ,, o sara allail yal3ashegeen ....
thakarony bayam gabel... any way fe shay wa7ed mo fahmetah o m7ayerny ??
shno ma3nat hal songs?? :P

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