Fairy Diary: My Latests Update

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My Latests Update

Well here is the most important highlights in my life since the beginning of 2007:

- Quit my Job.
- Done my pilgrim ( Haj )
- Had a nice vacation with family in a sunny beachy place ;)
- Still single ( one potential standing )
- Had a blind date on valentine for the 1st time in my life - both blind and a date on valentine - .
- Got a training offer that will start soon.
- Took off my braces.
- Watching Lost and Heroes.
- Spent alot of money on Restaurants, Clothing, Shopping, Spa and Body Care, etc etc..
- Watched 3 very good movies that i highly recommend ( Blood Diamond, The Pursuit of Happyness and The Prestige ).
- Ate alot of Fagi3 this year more than any other year - yumm yumm - which i can't get enough of.
emmm what else? Guess since i quit my job i didn't get bored at all, I spent alot of time with friends and family with no previous plans.

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glad ur feeling good
and hopefully ull only feel better


Nice highlights .. and achievments as well .. :)

Hope the rest of year 2007 become much Nicer .. with new good job :)

That's quite a long list there :)

Quit your Job good for u walaah anaa ganaa do it soon b3d
change to better job a7san meen alga3daa fee mokan mo merta7aa menaa

nice list walaa

Ok look.. Each point should be expained in a separate post :)

At least tell us about ur blind date and the beachy place :P

Why did u quit ur job?

eshda3wa and breeze: thx:)

3baid: i felt it was short!

cosimfree911: quitting my job was the best indeed.

zizooooooooo: la7ath-t which points u wanted in details ?;P if i'm gonna post it i have to kill whoever read it then.
and check my older post I WANT TO QUIT!

thank you ! good! nice!yes!

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