Fairy Diary: Why Talk When You Can Walk?

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Why Talk When You Can Walk?

Walking is a great sport, it's healthy, easy, you can do it any time any where, when you quit you don't get any bad side effects and it's Free.

I just started walking as a sport, and i hope i can do it on a daily basis, the weather is soooo nice and sexy these days, and i really feel good afterwards, more self confident and relaxed. and what made me more interested in walking is when i read about the Six-k club ( 7addy teshawagt ).

I didn't join them actually but today i took a peak at them @@, i was little bit late and i saw them on their way back. since i know no one of them, and the most of them was guys i was too shy to introduce myself:P Maybe ill catch you next time?

Anyway it's just the thought that there are a group of people who have the same interest, gives the power and the will to walk.

So put on your sneakers and go enjoy the weather.

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Hello, hehe I just joined the 6k today , they were realy friendly and more respected. I don't knw why didnt you come, but there were lots of girls there, just try to but the shyness behind you and intruduce ur self.. hehe enshala they'll have a new member next time

if i were in Q8 ide totally join the 6k
hope u do go next time


Dawn Darling..

I'm there EVERY SINGLE walk/run..

you know me.. so there you go.. you know a 6Ker already ;P

see you next time sunshine :)

walking is GREAT !! ..

it also refreshes ur soul .. ! but not in HOT SUMMER :P lool ..

and if u like it , NBK is about to have marathoun in walking which will be held on 22th of march .. u can go register for it today, registration actually begun yesterday .. !

they will walk from marina till el jazeera el khathra ..

IF u liked the idea u can join them, i knew this from a friend of mine .. but i didn't enjoy the idea cuz u're gonna walk all around GULF ROAD .. fa ya3ny ma adri a7is shakly ghala6 :/

bs some does not take it on this complicated thought .. :P ..

eventually it's a kind of sports .. no shame on this ..

yeah saw their blog
very interesting
might join as well

--- www.deera-chat.com ---
the first Kuwaiti Podcast, LiSTEN to us

mw : nice to hear that ,, yalla hope to meet u next time;)

eshda3wa: thx:)

diigma: ooh really i didnt know that! so next time i'll join with you enshalla, it's a date;) but how im gonna know you?

breeze: i joined the nbk marathon i think 2 yrs ago, and ive been in another marathons on the gulf road too, it's so much fun, wayed nas oo el share3 almost ysakronah 7agna o there no tiny little chance that enna shaklech bekoon ghala6 beleive me, i want to join this year bas no one is available to join with me, wanna come?;)

ali: good to hear that:)

ana i've already registered for it , bs 7ady metladida eny arou7 .. :/

if u wanna join i would come don't worry :P at least aksib ma3reftich .. hehe

breeze: if u wanna join i'll join with you too 7ayach alla ,, ana atsharaf :)

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