Fairy Diary: Does this Man Exist ? P2

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Does this Man Exist ? P2

Remember my Dream Guy list? Well it didn't end yet, here is the rest:


- Helps me taking care of his kids and home.
- Make sure our kids goes to private school.
- We're always together, even if we're in different places, we check on each other at least by sms.
- Ready to settle down and starts a new life and a family.


- Never lies.
- Responsible.
- Smart.
- Confident and knows almost everything in life.
- If he see something he don't like about me would tell me in a polite way.


- Understands me, knows what i want even if i don't - which happens all the time - .
- Silly and ridiculous in certain occasions, like lama nkoon fa9leen.
- Laughs at my stupid jokes and comments.
- Loves watching TV, Cinema, shows and movies, not Arabic of course.
- Loves to travel - with me - .
- Loves the sea - yes with me - .


- Likes to take me to nice, romantic and peaceful places just to sit and talk.
- Patient with me, takes time to let me adjust and letting my shyness away - did i say it right? - .
- Take me abroad to complete our education together for a couple of years ;).
- Be my mentor.
- Again my best friend.


- Shareeek 7ayaty bma3na el kelma.
- The other things like family, education and good reputation is important too.

- I Don't mind if he looks like Dr.Jack from lost :P


When ever i find this man i'll be ready to say I DO, Any nominations ??

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well ... ummm ... this could be me!!
hehee JK ...

it is all about compromising ... if two people like each other and live together they both will find stuff they HATE about the other side but to they HAVE to compromise to live together till eternity

This concept is almost gone from our culture!

loolll.....it seems u wanna marry soon...there isn't any mr.perfect nor miss perfect...there is sacrificing from both sides...

Nice list ..

May GOD send this dream guy to u as soon as possible , to draw up a smile on u .. and so that i can share u u're happiness :D .. and i'd be so ..

ENSHALLAH allah yarzegich belly tabeenah :DD AMEEEEN

awwwwwwwww... you wrote a whole post about me? how cute..

الرجل هذا موجود ..!! ولكنه في عقلك .. نعم عقلك ..!!حلو أن يتمنى الأنسان ..!! ولكن الأحلى أذا كان الحلم قابل للتطبيق ..!! فلا يوجد أنسان كامل سواء كان رجل أوأمرأه ..!! والحب عمره ما كان دراسه.. وتخطيط ..!! بل هو يكون صدفه و بصوره طبيعيه وعفويه .. ولا تستطيع أن تحدد من تحب بشكله أو بمواصفته ..!! وأنما بما يطرق قلبك بكلامه بتصرفاته وبما يكنه لك ..!!

تصحيح "بما يطرق قلبك من كلامه" وليس بكلامه ..!!؟
وماقلته في تعليقي السابق .. هو من باب التشجيع لك ..!! وليس الأحباط.. تمتعي بالحياة فأنها سهله لمن يتعرف عليها ...!!؟

i think you need a dog

awal masma3 3anna ba36ech khabar =]~

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