Fairy Diary: Does this Man Exist ? P1

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Does this Man Exist ? P1

Well when someone asks me:

Shno mowa9afat fares a7lamech?
Who's your dream guy??

I dont answer or just say: "wa7ed san3 o y7ebny". You know why? here is the reason or let's say how My Dream Guy Should be:


- Handsome - in my eyes - @@
- Good athletic body, not too thinو not too fat and not too muscles, just normal workout muscles;)
- Finds me the most beautiful girl in the world.
- Crazy about me, and vise versa.
- Meltezim bas Free! as he prays, fast and makes sure he don't do something "7aram" but in the same time open minded o mo m3aqqad.
- Yghar 3alay bas be7dood.


- Me and Him must be friends, we talk about everything, share same interests, we have fun hangin out with each other same as we're hangin out with our friends, and do activities together which leads to..
- He's Adventurous, likes to try new stuff and having no problems with it.
- Don't mind to learn new hobbies, languages, visit new countries or tastes new food
- Easy going, flexible and understandable.
- Friendly and kind hearted, sees the world in good intentions, just like me.


- Moderate in general, he's not too funny or too serious.
- Knows when to laugh and joke and when to be 'tekana'.
- Wears both deshdasha and casual, not too fancy, roughly manly casual but mo mbahdal.
- Has good hair, NOT BOLD OR GOING TO BE!
- If he might be able to be bold, won't mind go for zera3at sha3ar.


- Cares about him self but not obsessed with his look.
- Romantic.
- Loves nature, quite and cute little animals - kittens for example-.
- Don't get disgusted easily, especially from food - prefer he likes sushi-.
- Not a diwaniya addict, it's ok if he goes occasionally.
- Won't mind me going out with my friends say 2 - 3 times a week maximum?
- If he hangs out with his friends, he makes sure that I'm with good company - family, friend,,.
- When i get pregnant he would talk to my belly - his unborn child.
- Get in the operations room with me when i deliver, but stays near my head to support me and not watching unnecessary scenes :S .


Think this is a very long list? then wait for part 2


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awww some of the things you mentioned are just cute as a button. but i cracked up at the zira3at sha3ar bit hahaha maskeen :P and i loved the talking to his unborn child bit, thats the sweetest thing ever waaay :"> itha ligaitay wa7ed chithy salfeeny iyah :p

I'm like 75% near....:P but i'm lebanese....:(

emmm I need to start making a list :P

I've always just gone with the flow and figured out what I like along the way.. apart from the obvious.. but usually I end up knowing emmmmmm they're not what I want at alllllllllllllllllllll !!!

ahhhhh I like your guy..
does he have a bro ? :P

Hmmmmmmm .. GREAT LIST .. :D ..

and about me .. Mmmmmm i never thought of it :P .. ;)

khalleech qanoo3a ya bnayya!

Welcome back

ditto for me please

ma3QoOL ..inshallah he'll be exactly like how you're dream guy is =]
hehe Fi ashya2 ghareBa naw3an ma ..can't wait to see the rest of the list : )

you'll have to wait, but its so worth it.. ! cz every girl desreves a happy ending, or atleast diseny made us believe that..

u disappears so fast :/ ..

Miss u :(

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